The bespoke Turbine Boutique Hotel & Spa is situated in Thesen Island alongside the Knysna lagoon.

50 years ago, Knysna’s power was derived from a wood fired turbine. Several years ago an ambitious project to transform the power station into a boutique hotel began, the result of which is breathtaking in its ‘industrial’ mystique. Given the heritage status of the power station, most of the primary components have been left in position, now forming an integral part of the theme of the hotel.

To compliment the many facilities & activities of The Turbine, its picturesque Amani Spa is one of tranquility and relaxation, offering a wide variety of body, facial and beauty treatments, an exotically mosaic tiled Rasul & a unique pedicure experience in our exclusive Spa Massage Pedi Chair.  The Turbine Boutique Hotel & Spa is a must!


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