The name “AMANI” meaning “PEACE” in Kiswahili, and “HOPE and DESIRE” in Arabic, encapsulates the spirit of Amani’s mission to evoke a sense of “inner peace”, to enable people to reconnect with themselves and improve their quality of life through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

100% owned and operated by women and dedicated to female empowerment, today, Amani Spas has the largest Spa footprint on the Continent, specialising in luxury spas in exclusive Hotels and Lodges throughout the Continent.

Since our inception in 2006, we have been the proud winner of seven prestigious International Spa Awards, recognised as a spa brand that is synonymous with innovation, African luxury and authenticity, in harmony with its natural surroundings, signature treatments and impeccable service.

While each Amani Spa is unique in respect of location, client and ambience, the lifeblood of the company remains consistent: personalized, consistent service and care, attention to detail, nurtured and developed relationships, highly skilled & intuitive therapists and a 360-degree approach to wellness that incorporates body, mind and soul.

The experiences we deliver are consistent and professional. Each of our spas promise peace and tranquility, where you can indulge in our premier spa packages, signature spa rituals, holistic skin beauty and body treatments and hydrotherapy treatments.

Our offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Day spa packages for all occasions
  • Corporate wellness packages
  • Pop up spas at any location
  • Gift vouchers and gifting
  • Wellness Retreats (Yoga & Meditation)
  • Getaways & retreats
  • Life Coaching Workshops

Amani Spas Group Brochure
Amani Spas 2017 BEE Certificate