2020 Vision: The Law of Reflection – Looking back to look forward

In science, the Law of Reflection states that the reflected ray – the place where a beam of light is going to – and the incident ray – the place where a beam of light comes from – changes direction at opposite sides of the normal – the centre point where they meet (Figure a). The same is true of us light beings.

For a new thought, feeling, or action to be born it must first come from a place of old, is processed and restructured internally, and is then brought forth in a new light with a different perspective. It is the same for our wants and desires, of an old year into the next, it is thus the same for looking back on the year 2019 for the year 2020.

In our daily lives, however, reflection and the capacity to do so for our own lives does not come in straight lines and often without ease. Still, many world leaders, athletes, businesspeople and spiritual teachers all speak to self-reflection as an essential key to success. This too is the truth for ‘everyday people’ who have found fulfilment and happiness making a habit of this practice.


Mindfulness Explained

There is quite a lot of confusion around mindfulness and what it is and does. Mindfulness is often associated with any kind of meditation practice and there has been a deluge of using the word “mindful” onto things that are not meditation practices. To explain mindfulness more, we need to go back to its origins starting with Buddha.


Mindfulness, the most powerful wellness trend 2019

It’s hardly breaking news that meditation is one of the most powerful wellness trends. In a few short years, it has been catapulted along with a healthy diet and exercise—as one of the three drivers of wellbeing.  Meditation is at a tipping point with its mainstream adoption rate. Even though it has been practiced in various forms in Buddhist, Hindu and Jewish traditions for over 5,000 years, the concept is fairly young.