Corporate wellness

Amani’s primary mission is to improve peoples’ quality of life through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

We promote the practicing of Corporate health & wellness programmes, encouraging companies to invest in the physical wellness and mental health of its employees, which assists in creating and maintaining healthier working environment with the benefits of reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism, coupled with increased productivity and more.

Amani has a 360° approach to its wellness programmes, and offers an extensive array of tailor-made services designed to facilitate each client’s specific requirements, goals and objectives.

  • Staff motivation – incentive and reward
  • Optimising employee performance levels
  • Executive and employee wellbeing
  • Enhancing and improving client relationships

Amani’s corporate offerings include:

  • Tailor-made Spa Packages
  • Corporate Spa Days (e.g. Women’s Day)
  • Wellness Getaways & Retreats
  • Pop Up Spa services at any location
  • Gift Voucher Booklets & Personalised Spa Vouchers
  • Corporate Gifting, can be branded with company logo
  • Lifestyle Workshops
  • Yoga and Meditation