The Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, situated along the Atlantic Ocean, with Table Mountain and Robben Island providing a beautiful backdrop, is an idyllic destination, with walking distance to the V & A Waterfront and only a ten-minute drive from the central business district.

With its prime location on the water’s edge, the Amani Spa and Wellness at the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront creates exceptional spa experiences, with its trendy wellness facilities, diverse range of bespoke result-driven spa treatments and impeccable service and attention to detail.

With eleven multi-functional treatment rooms, including two couple’s suites, its unique therapeutic Salt Room, an exquisite Hair Salon & Nail Bar, grand Rasul, a heated vitality pool with a surrounding relaxation deck and loungers, we are able to tailor make spa packages for each & every occasion, making Amani a Spa destination ‘par excellence’.

The Amani Spa and Wellness is open seven days a week, 365 days a year, including public holidays.


Kurhula Body Ritual 90min R1750
Discover your kurhula, “inner peace” as you indulge in our signature holistic body ritual. This unique & luxurious full body massage using Amani’s signature coconut massage balm, flows into a revitalising mini facial bringing balance to your body, mind and soul.  BOOK NOW
Jewel of Africa journey 90min R1750
This unique African massage uses ancient African Rungu warrior sticks to delivers long
deep pressure strokes that facilitates deep tissue manipulation promoting pain reduction,improved blood and lymph circulation.
A restorative and energising massage using warm coconut oil, unique Himalayan salt crystals and flowing massage movements for pure balance and rejuvenation. The healing Himalayan salt crystals offer the benefit of increased immunity to disease while the soothing massage strokes aid relaxation.  BOOK NOW
The traveller 90min R1750
Indulge in a nourishing and invigorating foot ritual followed by a deeply relaxing warm coconut balm full body massage.  BOOK NOW
Hydro Harmony 90min R1750
Exhilarating steam room session with the self-application of a body polish and body mask treatment, completed with a Salt Room session with foot massage and relaxing aromatherapy back, neck & shoulder massage.  BOOK NOW
The ESSEnce of Africa 90min R1750
A luxurious facial journey into the world of powerfully active probiotic and botanic actives, to recapture your youth. Our luxurious ritual includes a relaxing scalp, back neck & shoulder massage and youth enhancing hand treatment.  BOOK NOW

Sit back, relax, breathe…& enhance your physical and mental wellbeing!
Experience the healing benefits of Salt Therapy. A 100% natural, risk free and effective treatment, offering everyone from children to adults, a drug free alternative to treat and control a variety of ailments and allergies.

Benefits of Salt Therapy:
Salt Therapy focuses on the source of the problem, and does not just suppress the symptoms. Benefits include:

  • Kills viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Detoxifies the respiratory system (asthma, bronchitis & sinusitis)
  • Aids in healing skin conditions (eczema & psoriasis)
  • Speeds up recovery from physical exhaustion or fatigue
  • Promotes relaxation, calmness and better sleep
  • Increases metabolism and promotes better digestion
  • Helps to alleviate depression, anxiety and stress
  • Elevates mental concentration and performance
  • Strengthens the immune system

Salt enters the respiratory system, not the stomach, heart or kidneys. It is clinically proven that natural healing methods, such as Salt Therapy, is extremely effective with children, as it
is a non-invasive therapy and medication free, children are unaware that they are undergoing therapy, as they passively inhale the micro-particles of salt.

A course of 8-10, 45min sessions for adults & 30 min sessions for children on consecutive days or every second day, 2-3 times a year is recommended. Whilst a person may feel some improvement after one session, a series of treatments is best for long term results.

Adults 45min R470
Children: (under 12) 30min R315
Room Exclusivity: (max 4 pax)  BOOK NOW 60min R1780
Add-Ons to Salt Therapy Sessions
Pressure Point Foot Massage
 BOOK NOW 30min R360
Reflexology *Subject to Reflexologist availibility  BOOK NOW 45min R550
Classic Swedish 60min R790 90min R1210
Couple’s Suite  BOOK NOW 60min R1680 90min R2520
A traditional massage using an array of techniques to bring immediate relaxation.
Aromatherapy 60min R840 90min R1320
Couple’s Suite  BOOK NOW 60min R1780 90min R2740
Combining the power of gentle touch and Amani’s signature aroma therapeutic essential balms, this holistic massage brings deep and lasting equilibrium to both body and mind.
Deep Tissue 60min R840 90min R1320
Couple’s Suite  BOOK NOW 60min R1780 90min R2740
A powerful therapy focusing on deep layers of muscle & connective tissue which is especially helpful for chronic muscular tension and stiffness.
Lefika Hot Stone 60min R840 90min R1320
Couple’s Suite  BOOK NOW 60min R1780 90min R2740
A sensory massage using natural river stones radiant with heat, nature’s way of deeply reducing muscle tension while stimulating circulation to activate vital life force energy.
Iketla Back & Shoulders 30min R470 45min R635 60min R840
A relaxing massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders to relieve muscular tension.  BOOK NOW
Head, Neck & Shoulder Treatment 30min R420
A relaxing massage focused on the head, neck and shoulders with a nourishing hair oil.  BOOK NOW
Pressure Point Foot Massage 30min R470
A relaxing lower leg & foot massage leaving you feeling as though you were floating.  BOOK NOW
Blissful Soles 45min R630
Mineral foot soak, exfoliation and lower leg and foot massage.  BOOK NOW
Mellow Mama pregnancy Massage 60min R850
Relaxing full body massage for Mom-To-Be. (* Only after 1st trimester)  BOOK NOW
Sports recovery Massage 60min R885 90min R1365
Incorporating massage techniques designed to assist in correcting imbalance in soft tissue. Ideal before and after sporting event, for injury rehabilitation or muscle tension.  BOOK NOW
*Subject to Reflexologist availability.
45min R675
A holistic massage technique manipulating pressure points on the feet to relief tension and promote balance and well-being for body, mind and soul.  BOOK NOW
Warm Trigger Point Massage 30min R990
An area – focused heated massage addressing a specific muscle group to relieve tension.  BOOK NOW
Cooling Therapeutic Massage 30min R990
An area-focused massage to decrease pain, swelling and inflammation.  BOOK NOW


For details of all treatments available download the Treatment Menu.

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