FRANCHISE Opportunities

An Amani Spa and Wellness Franchise offers companies and/or individuals the opportunity to own and operate a premium Spa business. Amani will provide business support, and assist in creating a profitable Spa business, built around a reputable and respected brand, and a positive and memorable experience for your guests.

This agreement provides the Franchisee with the license to use and display the Amani brand with full access to Amani’s Intellectual property, garnered over ten years of successful Spa operations and Spa openings across the continent.

Amani Franchise benefits Include:

  • Business Support
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Treatment & Retail Training
  • Management Training
  • Personal Development
  • Brand Power
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Buying Power
  • Quality & Standards
  • Global Spa Trends

Next steps

To apply for a franchise, please download and complete our Franchise Application Form and send the completed form to

Frequently asked questions

An Amani Spa and Wellness Franchise Agreement assists you in creating a profitable business and a positive and memorable experience for their guests. This agreement gives you:

  • The license to use and display the Amani logo and brand images,
  • An introduction to and adoption of the Amani philosophy;
  • Access to Amani’s knowledge & expertise garnered over years of successful spa operations & openings.
  • Amani will implement all of its policy and procedure manuals, operational systems and spa treatment protocols.

An Amani Spa Franchise will assists you in creating a profitable Spa business. As a Franchisee, you will benefit from Amani’s policy and procedure manuals, operational systems, signature spa treatments and techniques and intellectual property designed and proven over time to deliver a dynamic and prosperous spa.

The spa facility needs to be in a 5 star Hotel or Lodge or other 5 star upmarket area.

The applicant must have the necessary funds, which will be a minimum of R1million for furniture, equipment and opening stock if it is an existing Spa facility. These capital costs exclude the initial Franchise Fee.

It is very difficult to say how much a Spa will cost, as it is dependent on the type of Spa, the location, the size and its facilities. A minimum investment would be R1million for Capital costs, such as furniture and equipment (excluding the Franchise Fee). If the Spa still needs to be constructed, this will generally be a minimum of R3million for a small-medium size Spa.

The “Royalty Fee,” is the fee for continuous services on a monthly basis, for the use of Trade name, use of distinctive system, marketing assistance, ongoing business development and training, and all the other benefits that come with being an Amani Spa Franchisee. This fee is 10% of the gross revenue achieved by the Spa on a monthly basis, or a minimum fee, whichever the greater, to be agreed upon, depending on the Spa.

Yes, they are completely separate services and Fees. The Development and Consultancy Fees are for the services Amani offers from Conception to Completion, whereas the Royalty Fee is for continuous services once the spa is operational.