Amani has the largest footprint in Africa as a hospitality wellness provider and creator of award-winning and exceptional spa experiences in sought-after destinations across the African continent, delivering a consistent, professional and entrenched view of wellness and hospitality combined.

Amani encapsulates the ideal mixture of diverse spa experience from all perspectives having built and operated spas and being involved with all aspects of spa development and operations for over 12 years.

We have extensive experience in the Spa and wellness industry, which includes our Spa innovation, distinctive design, spa operations, business analysis, treatment development, product design and training. We have been recognized for capturing authentic and marketable qualities from the local culture and for delivering distinctive facilities and guest experiences.

By offering total flexibility with our premium spa services, we enable you to build and develop a successful spa business through Amani’s detailed guidance, wherever you need the support. We can create, develop and launch your spa, ensuring you are set up for success from day one.

Drawing on years of International experience, from original concept to operational business, our team has the relevant technical and commercial knowledge to guide your project through each stage of development.

Our extensive consultancy services will deliver a beautiful, exceptionally organised and profitable Spa.

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