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What Makes a Strong Woman?

It’s Women’s Month in August, so we would like to take a look at what makes a woman “strong”. Is it the ability to act or think like a man? To create life? To intuitively sense the needs of others? It’s a number of things that holistically make up the strength of a woman.

Balancing needs and roles

As children, girls are more emphatic than boys and from a young age, they are already much more adept at caring for others and connecting with people on an emotional level. While many of us were raised to be conscientious of others, we also grew up to be independent, free-thinking and high-achieving.

Balancing the different roles that we are expected to fill and the contradicting influences is no small feat. In the office, we’re supportive mentors, confident leaders and organised go-getters. In our personal lives, we’re caretakers, mothers, friends and spouses. A woman’s ability to balance these complex values and character traits make her a force to be reckoned with.

Managing needs

Much more than possessing self-respect, strong women know who they are. They know where they find peace, inspiration, purpose and joy. They can often sense when they’re approaching burnout and schedule time for relaxation and self-care. They pre-empt boredom by calling a friend to schedule a coffee date or they take the niggling uneasy feeling as a cue that it’s time to take on a new creative project or hobby. It’s not always easy to love yourself and put yourself first in life, but a woman’s ability to create her own well-being and manage her needs is one of the many things that makes her strong.

Empowering other women

Strong women don’t occupy the spotlight for too long; they build up other women and support them in their pursuits. Instead of comparing themselves to others or feeling the need to shoot others down, strong women look at how they can support others. They know there’s enough room for everyone to shine.

Valuing health and wellness

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a strong woman knows that health and wellness is the fuel that drives them. This doesn’t mean that your Body Mass Index must be a certain number or that you should attend at least three Bootcamp classes every week – it means that you know that your energy levels and your sense of wellness depends on how much you value and nourish your body.

Fearless progress

Change is challenging and making improvements to your life isn’t always comfortable, but strong women are able to feel the fear and do it anyway. They avoid negativity and act boldly when they need to, because they know that taking action is the way forward.

Amani Spas is running Women’s Day specials throughout August and we want to encourage women to treat themselves (and if you’re a daughter, son, husband, or colleague – consider how you could spoil the woman or women in your lives). Contact us for more information about our Women’s Day specials.