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Amani is a diversified wellness consulting and franchise company, which encapsulates the ideal mixture of diverse spa experience, having created, built and operated spas and been involved in all aspects of spa development and operations for over 14 years.

With our strong reputation in wellness and profound growth of Global Wellness Tourism, Amani is perfectly poised to provide spa and wellness solutions to its clientele in the hospitality industry.



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Global Wellness Tourism


With the stress of modern life and rise of chronic and other diseases, travellers are choosing destinations that enhance their wellbeing whilst travelling for business or leisure.

With the profound growth of Global Wellness Tourism, today spa and wellness facilities  are an integral part the destination and core element of the guest experience and drives demand and hold tremendous opportunity to positively impact total revenue and profits.

Wellness tourists present a very attractive target market as they tend to spend more money and time, stay longer, return more frequently and be less influenced by seasonality.

Our Mission:

  • To create exceptional spas with unique value propositions;
  • Authentic therapies enhancing physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing;
  • To craft a truly holistic and memorable experience for our guests;
  • Engaged and proficient teams, reflecting our uncompromising standards of excellence;
  • Profitable operations, maximising revenues and increased owner returns;
  • To keep up with our guests’ wellness expectations to remain relevant.



Consultancy Services


We provide consulting services from feasibility to pre-opening to day-to-day spa management and/or Amani Franchise or operational consulting services.

Phase 1

Market Research & Feasibility

Phase 2

Spa Vision & Concept Development

Phase 3

Spa Design &
Technical Services

Phase 4


Phase 5

Training Services

Phase 6

Spa Launch &

As a full-service spa and wellness consultant, Amani can provide a comprehensive feasibility and needs analysis study helping our clients to make the most informed decisions regarding the development of their spa and wellness facility. This includes input regarding the most appropriate size, scope and complexity for the facility and projected financial results.

Studies include:

  • Market and demographic evaluation: 
  • The positioning in the market and consumer profile
  • The context on a physical, social, cultural and environmental level 
  • An analytical study of local and international wellness trends
  • Competitor analysis, their offering, approach and operation
  • Space plan recommendations
  • Marketing and programming components
  • Financial analysis with all assumptions – 5 Year forecast
  • CAPEX budget for FF&E and OS&E – Estimated (pre-final design)

  • Overarching concept direction that will support the positioning and facility design and a demand driven architectural programme

Creativity is the foundation for the concept, the development of the distinctive theme, design and services that defines the overall guest experience. A well though-out concept, with a story, transforms a generic spa facility into an authentic wellness spa experience and journey. Given the number of choices that consumers have today, having a brand to complement the property will assist in making the spa more attractive and compelling.

Spa Vision and Concepts include:

  • Development of overall wellness strategy
  • Analysis of your property’s image and competitive strengths
  • Positioning Strategy and Target Market
  • Establish Spas’ identity and story
  • Development of a vision/innovative concept
  • Description of the 360 degree Guest Journey
  • Facilities & experiences with Unique Selling Points
  • Facility selection, size and adjacencies
  • Architectural and design planning
  • Suitability of floor plans, focusing on operational flow, maximizing revenue opportunities and a seamless guest journey

The design of a spa demands a specialised knowledge of industry trends and spa operations. The facility needs to be aesthetically pleasing and the spaces must work well, with optimal functionality and circulation of facilities in order to create a seamless guest journey and a memorable spa experiences, while delivering an efficient and profitable operation, with the flexibility to grow and adapt to trends over the next decade.

  • Conceptual, vision and strategic planning
  • Space program development
  • Designing the conceptual space plan with architect & ID 
  • The desired aesthetics, lighting, and sensory quality
  • Area allowance and breakdown of the required facilities
  • Basic circulation for guests and staff
  • Review architecture drawings and interior look and feel
  • FF&E specifications to ensure suitability and longevity
  • Operating equipment specifications & planning
  • Separate male and female changeroom design
  • Reception and retail layout
  • Treatment room design
  • Data processing requirements
  • Input in all areas pertaining to design issues
  • Signage, I.T, Music and security requirements
  • Experiential narrative to weave into the design
  • Global wellness trends to incorporate 
  • Revision of initial estimated CAPEX budget (post final design) 
  • Revised Forecasts



Meticulous planning, preparation and flawless execution are crucial to the successful opening of your spa. With Amani’s extensive experience, we can help to ensure a smooth opening process.

Services include:

  • Timeline development
  • Pre-opening critical path scheduling all requirements
  • Pre-opening budgets and cost analysis for operational set-up:
    FF&E and OS&E products
    Operating stock and vendor selection
  • Professional and Retail product selection & negotiations
  • Creation of Treatment menu of services & wellbeing programmes
    (including cuisine & refreshments)
  • Treatment costings
  • Standard operating procedures & Protocols
  • Retail product selection, display and merchandising plan
  • Selection and training of highly qualified staff including Spa Director
  • Uniform selection & design
  • Linen requirements (gowns, towels and slippers)
  • Selection of spa software system
  • Development of Training Manuals
  • Client information forms
  • Collateral creation for effective marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Website guidance
  • Strategic marketing and promotion plan and PR strategy
  • Preparation for Soft and Grand Openings
Support with recruitment process include:
  • Development of organisational staffing structure
  • Creation of Job descriptions
  • Assist with screening, interviews and trade testing for all positions
  • Therapist assessments – theoretical and practically
Amani provides training and support in all areas of spa operations. Pre-opening training plan for the team in the following modules:
  • Induction & Brand standards training
  • 5 Star Standards for operational excellence
  • Spa leadership mentoring & development
  • Treatment room set up
  • Hygiene procedures to meet international standards
  • Spa Business, reports and administration
  • Financial Acumen
  • Treatment knowledge, benefits and contraindications
  • Retail Product Training & effective retailing
  • Taking effective bookings
  • Upselling and yield management
  • Stock control and inventory
  • Effective merchandising

Once all the planning, preparation and training has been executed, with Amani’s extensive experience, will help ensure a smooth opening process, successful opening of your spa.

Refresher training is provided during the physical Spa set up, including stock takes, administration, spa etiquette, guest relations and other.

  • Spa Set Up:  stock control and inventory set up
  • Refresher Training
  • Induction refresher
  • Hygiene and sanitation protocols – refresher training
  • Spa management mentoring
  • Spa therapist mentorship programme set up
  • Retail set up, product training & effective retailing
  • Sales and Marketing plan implementation
  • Public relations
  • Soft opening



wellness & Prevention of Disease

Amani works closely together with various global organisations to develop and provide comprehensive advice on Spa developments and operations, which will lead to a healthier, wellness-driven and more sustainable business and industry in the long run. 

Specifically at this time, the development of a spa and wellness facility demands a specialised knowledge of safety and sanitation, industry trends with innovations in health and wellness, and spa operations with practical solutions.